Making It Perfect on a Holiday

A day off from work because of the annual city holiday gets JDineros creative in the kitchen and the frying pan…

The Wattah Wattah Festival is the annual celebration of San Juan City.  Held in honor of St. John the Baptist, the practice of the revelling cityfolk is to douse everyone with water – a wacky and wet day for all its citizenry and visitors.

Mom Cooking Jesi Maruya

I was home Tuesday because of the Wattah, Wattah Holiday in San Juan City. I had left over saging na saba from last week (I always include it in my palengke list. I just love it and it is also what I eat during break time in school).

The saba was overripe but my penchant for food drove me to make maruya again. For the last time, I told myself, “I always fail in making this work.” So I went to the kitchen and looked for ingredients. I got some flour and evaporated milk (I had some left over from the chicken macaroni soup yesterday afternoon).


Here’s the rest of the recipe: a sprinkle of sugar…..water….the thinly-sliced saba and presto! The mixture’s ready! Then, I kept my fingers crossed.

I fried one. When it was a bit brown, I carefully turned it over. Success! It was a perfect one! I tried another…. and another… until I had all fried. It was really perfect!


I was so happy that I took shots of the end product. I tasted one and it was really good! As you can see in the pictures, I really enjoyed my maruya….. thanks to the holiday today.

What’s your recipe makeover?  Write us!! (JDineros)


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