PINOY COFFEETALK: Conversations over a Cup of Coffee


A rendezvous. Have you ever wondered why people flock in a coffee shop? Decades back, coffee was served in the downtown cafeteria. Today, coffee is everywhere and it has become a popular beverage to almost all ages. The proliferation of coffee shops and nooks has made coffee the standard drink in small group gatherings. In the Philippines, coffee drinkers enjoy the traditional brew and occasionally shift to Italian-infused preparations, whether coffee or cream-based. Cup after cup, the idea of coffee has travelled from the classic home to commercial establishments and to every place where people go to talk.

Coffee has created its own place. With the pungent aroma of coffee beans and the minimalist interior of every coffee shop, customers have found a place of rest and socials. So, is it the coffee? place? or talk?

coffee designs

Coffee and talk. Filipinos love conversations. In every distinct small group gathering, each holds either a hot or cold coffee while engaged. When hot coffee is served, conversations heat up and are prolonged as topics evolve from E2E— economy to entertainment. One theory on small group communication says that some of its rewards are fellowship and personal need fulfillment (Beebe & Masterson, 2000). When members of a group are cohesive and productive, it becomes a rewarding experience to all. Members develop a group consciousness and identity shared through stories chained together. Every time members come together to share, they are like constellations that strengthen their connectedness. Here is a sacred truth— people are emotional animals; they need to connect. So what does coffee got to do with it? Coffee brings in the taste that completes the social experience.

coffee beans

Personal- Business. So who drinks coffee? The exotic Pinoy drinks every cup with gusto and experiments with taste. In the coffee shop, he talks to family, colleagues, co-workers and friends about his dreams, goals, experiences and achievements. For the Pinoy, all is personal-business. Every story counts. He is able to share his emotions, intentions and meanings. Juan+ Juan+ another Juan is equal to communication that serves as driving force that moves the group to a common goal.

coffee love. love coffee.

coffee love. love coffee.

So, what’s your coffee experience? Share with us your coffeetalk. (MRevilla)
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