The Team Behind Gandang Pinoy


The Editor-in-Chief is a freelance writer, editor, trainer, communication specialist and educator with 23 years of academic and organizational experience. She teaches communication in colleges and universities; for the most part of her career, she writes and edits corporate and academic papers. As trainer and manager in middle scale business process outsourcing companies, she trains employees on workforce communication. Intermittently, she writes speeches for organizational heads and drives a consultancy on language and communication.

Today, she is developing a manuscript on her experiences as a teacher and hopes to be out with the final copy at the end of 2014. The objective of the book is to share the joy of teaching and to identify the pluses of being part of the lives of students.


TYason is an educator and author of three textbook series. Possessing a passion for both the arts and sciences, she attempts to meld both together by being a sculptor, graphic designer, optometrist and armchair/backyard botanist. TYason recently discovered that she can design websites, too. Hence, a collaboration with a dear friend: an online magazine about the Pinoy in the Philippines and across the globe.  TYason serves both as writer and administrator of the magazine.

TYason lives quietly with her husband and children surrounded by an entire tribe of happy and exuberant extended family of Pinoys and Americans in the United States.


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